"The mind is an association maker. Every bit of information it takes in, it feeds into its huge, unconscious pattern-detecting machinery. With this in mind, one should be wary of the kind of input this machinery receives. Just as you would not want to put data into a spreadsheet or computer model that is not representative of the system you are trying to understand, exposing yourself to too much anomalous information will give you a skewed take on our world.
If you expose yourself to lots of horrible stories, you will be scared.

Be wary of compelling ideas that play on our biological natures or on the various biases we have in our psyches, whether they are based on evolution or cultural learning.
Be wary of compelling ideas that are framed in terms of people and relationships, are easy to understand, present an intruiging puzzle, or play to our hopes and fears.
Belief systems are often accepted or rejected not by evidence, but by how they suit our psychological needs.

But all the while, revel in that great feeling that compellingness provides.
Love art, love ideas, whether you accept them or not.
Let yourself get riveted.
It is one of the exquisite joys of being human."


Riveted - Jim Davies